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2012 Nerves

So, looking back, the 1st-year subjects are down with ease! Now 2nd year has begun and I’m really sweating.  Do I have enough time to get through all this material? Do I have the ability? My memory is questionable…stress??  The ACRONYMS are killing me.  How in the world does any information professional remember all these acronyms? And I already feel as if I’m sinking in a quagmire of metadata, microdata, motivation equation, knowledge – what is it?  There are interests, preferences, attitudes to make up user behaviour, all affected by record behaviour and contexts of user behaviour…whoa!! At least I recognise one thing…dear old Maslow. Thank goodness for something I know! But wait…what’s this? It’s being taken a step further…reading needs, escapist and aesthetic needs etc. etc.

So they say the world may end this year? Might I be so lucky! And then there’s talk of war in the Middle East…now that would mess up my plans! Just my textbooks alone would make up my allotted 30kgs if we had to flee, but there’s no way I’d leave them behind! Would be good if a certain country across the way would quietly shut its mouth and behave!! We’re all a tad tense.

Ok, enough already….back to the books. Bibliographic control, basic descriptive cataloguing, classification…

As they say locally, Inshallah, next month I may have a more positive outlook. Gulp. 😦


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