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Thank you David! :)

Ok, so it’s the end of March already, and it’s the first time I’m entering a new post.  Wow, it’s been an amazing 3 months! Between a fall, muscle injury, study pressure and family problems….I would like to turn the clock back.  However…here I am, probably 2 pages away from completing my LAST assignment for this semester (WHEW!!) with tomorrow as my deadline, and I am inspired, to say the least, to enter a post saying just how much I am enjoying reading and using David Lankes’ The Atlas of New Librarianship! Yes, I’m still learning how to find ‘threads’ and ‘conversations’ but in the absence of having physical lectures, it has been a great boost to my morale and wholly inspirational.  Thank you David! Besides giving me a giggle and a huge, much needed, laugh every now and then. 🙂

My course has taught me so much in the last few months….where would I begin to relate?  I now understand why the course is called Information Science and not Library Science; I’ve learned about KM and Wilson’s (2002) opinion The nonsense of knowledge management.  I have learned and read, and read and learned about ‘The User’!  Records Management, archiving, cataloguing, and more.  Of course the cataloguing is a nightmare! I do believe tears are coming…the sweat has been experienced, the blood….maybe when I bite my own lip in concentration! Aaargh! Does anyone pass a cataloguing course?

I am becoming more familiar with the different LIS authors….I find I agree/disagree here and there, read nuggets of experience everywhere, and all in all just LOVE this experience of new learning.  Even the deadlines are a fun challenge. Actually, right now my ringing ears tell me I’m under pressure and I had better get back to my essay.

RD Lankes sidetracked me with his ‘superhero conference’! LOL!! It’s all his fault, but at least my blog has a new entry!!

Plod on, Sandra!


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