Positive encounters

The friendly librarian welcomed contact again, and off I went to pay her a visit to explain what the practical portfolio involves and how it may impact her library, should she give me the go ahead to use her library as focus. I wanted her to think about it for a couple of days, but straight away she was excited!
“Come,” says she, ” we’ll pop in on Bob and I’ll introduce you to him”.
” Who’s Bob?”
“Ah, he’s head of Secondary”, she replies.
It was cold outside, kids just arriving for school, busy atmosphere all round. We step into a smaller building – main reception and offices. We are shown into an office. He is really friendly, listens to my hurried responses to his questions, politely offers support from academic-minded staff members if I need it, and then asks me to send him my CV so they know who’s on campus. “Right,” says I, “as soon as I’ve emailed the Principal. Would you like me to cc you?”.
“Oh, sure,” he goes, “please do.”

We walk out and she says, “Now for Bob.”
Shocked, I ask, “But who was that?”
“Oh, that was the Principal, Jack.”

My head spun! I wanted to run back and apologise! Didn’t I hear his name? Didn’t I see a sign? Oh, Sandra, you are dumb! I just asked the man if I could cc him, for crying out ‘loud!

“Don’t worry,” says the librarian, “he’ll just think you were referring to the head of secondary! It is the secondary library after all, that you’ll be dealing with.” Phew! Ok, but that did not make me feel good as we stepped into Bob’s office…and now came an intro…”Bob, this is Sandy”. LOL. I’m convinced there had been no introduction to the Principal!

All in all, everyone was welcoming and positively looking forward to seeing the results of my Practical Portfolio research project! Everyone except moi!


The next post is a pic I took on the day.


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