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Social media in schools

Here are some interesting viewpoints on social media in schools.
Interesting. Just wondering if it would work in all cultures.

On the Distance Learning front…
I’ve been reading a lot for essay purposes… just two left! Woohoo! I’ve had essay-glut-syndrome… My brain does not want to cooperate anymore.
I haven’t visited the school this last month. I did give them a copy of the SWOT and a copy of my ‘way forward’ planning for the library. I’ve had ZERO comment/feedback, which leads me to think they are not impressed. Wonder what my lecturer’s opinion will be. Gulp. I know I’m making myself horribly vulnerable, but…watch this space for feedback on that issue.

Incidentally, I recommended blocking Facebook access on the library computers… It’s just so obvious why the Yr 12s and 13s prefer the PCs facing the wall! *thinks bad setup*

On other news…
My two Aspies (hubby and son) came home with a puppy 3 weeks ago, much to my horror at first…but it was love at first sight for all of us, and there you are…an instant, unasked-for, unplanned, edition to our family.

Of course all disciplining/feeding/control of said pup falls in my quarter! Sigh! And all while I chase those darned deadlines and really, really, need to concentrate! Oh well, ‘concentrate’ has been out the window! I plod on, counting down to November – the month of bliss – when my studies will be over!
Needless to say he is so adorable, feels the love, and therefore rules the roost!
Till next time…



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