Sitting in the calmness of this Beaufort West garden, contemplating the stressful rush of adrenalin that was the last 9 months, it seems surreal. As if one life was lived adjacent to another.


It seems so unreal to know that my studies are over…I did it!! I have a degree…Bachelor of Information Science. So far, of 5 results, 3 are in…all distinctions. So pleased.

And here we are, in South Africa, enjoying a break before the next phase of our lives… I hope to volunteer in libraries for 6 months, we will become grandparents in March, I hope to be in Aus for the birth, and hoping that my graduation ceremony won’t be at the same time. Then I will look for a job in Doha, until such time that we are sure we need to settle elsewhere. Please God, guide us.


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