About me

LOVE all things library and excited to see the concept changing.  At 50+ I went back to ‘school’ to learn librarianship!  Hoped to make this a record of my journey into new discoveries. I find it thrilling to pursue a new career in a field which is so dynamic right now. About me…? The proverbial ‘ten things’ list:

  1. I’ve been married to my best friend for 34 yrs.
  2. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, brought up in KwaZulu Natal, I’m now an expat in Doha, Qatar, where my other half works. We’ve lived in Doha since 2001. (Wow…the changes!)
  3. We have two beautiful children – a son and a married daughter. (So we now have this handsome, accomplished, Australian 😋 son-in-law too, and recently a new addition by way of the most amazing little grand-daughter.)
  4. A lover of classical music and jazz!!
  5. LOVE art…portraits, landscapes, still life….and especially my son’s photography.
  6. I’m crazy about good food and full-bodied red wine.
  7. I’ve worked in various different positions from catering, marketing and personal administration, to bookkeeping and then literacy training.  After doing the CELTA and training to be an EFL teacher in 2006, I taught English to beginners for 4 years, 2 of those as teaching coordinator.  I stopped work in Dec 2010, to study full time via distance learning.
  8. April 2015 saw me graduate with a Bachelor of Information Science degree through UNISA (University of South Africa). As a child I was obsessed with going to “my library”; as a mother I took my kids weekly. Somehow I missed my true vocation.
  9.  As expats we are planning the future – not sure where it will take us.
  10. A believer in Jesus, son of God, my Saviour, my friend. (John 3 v 16)

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